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【Clearance Sale】Candy Foodie【Custom Resin Eyes 16 & 20mm】【LottieSugar】

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We are about to launch a new 3D resin eye. The classic form of resin eyes will no longer be produced and replenished. Some colors and sizes are sold out, and the remaining inventory is available for clearance at special prices. Please look forward to our new works!!

 【Sold Out】 16mm / All Colors (01,02,03)     &      20mm / 03



🔸US$ 35 *30% off = US$ 24 @ 1 pair 

🔸Buy 3 Get 1 Free !!



🔸20mm (Basically for DD/ MDD/ Kumako etc…)

🔸[Sold Out]16mm (Basically for Tinyfox/ Baby Kumako etc…)

💛For Tinyfox heads, we recommend removing inner eye bags for better results



🔸High Arc


【Main Material】‼️Anti-yellowing

🔸Padico - Tsuki no Shizuku (月の雫) High-quality UV-LED Resin

🔸Padico - Hoshi no Shizuku (星の雫) High-quality UV-LED Coating Resin



🔸Grade A (Gold Logo) - no obvious defects on iris (air bubbles, dust, and uneven iris)

🔸Glitter powder is artificially added, and the position is random, which is a normal phenomenon



🔸Ships from Hong Kong by EMS (Defult)

🔸Ships within 5 daye from date of order

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